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Network Platforms provides three convenient, secure and reliable off-site backup solutions which assure our clients of comprehensive disaster recovery in the event of an emergency.

  • Redstor
    We know exactly how important it is to have a reliable off-site or remote backup solution which is capable of delivering the right levels of security and peace of mind. This is why we use Attix5, as this technology currently provides the best backup system on the market today and can back up from any location and from desktop and laptop to server.
  • LiveVault
    LiveVault from HP enables the protection of your critical application data in the cloud. It also manages your long-term retention requirements within a secure, multi-tenant, global and geographically dispersed cloud storage grid. All the data is encrypted prior to transfer from your servers and remains encrypted at their secure, off-site, underground datacentres.
  • HP Connected Backup
    HP Connected Backup has more than three million corporate users, all relying on the Autonomy Connected Backup solution. This powerful cloud-based offering assures of high levels of security and protection for business critical information on mobile devices. It is automatic, endpoint data protection capable and ensures secure and reliable backups and fast disk-to-disk backup can be scheduled to run automatically. The HP Connected Backup solution assures of quick and easy recovery of lost files, repair of damaged or corrupted applications, configurations and files and has a web-based access portal which allows anytime and anywhere access of backed-up data. It also delivers complete control over network bandwidth usage throughout backups.
Our backup solutions are convenient, reliable and secure. We have opted to work with market leaders to ensure our customers are given the best technology for complete peace of mind.

The Network Platforms Cloud backup solutions allow for incremental backups so only amended data is added to store data and we protect your intellectual capital professionally, reliably and securely. This high level of disaster recovery protection and backup is one service no business can afford to be without.

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