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Revolutionize Your Connectivity with Network Platforms IP Transit

Experience unparalleled speed and reliability with Network Platforms’ IP Transit services. Designed meticulously for South African Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), our blended local and international transit service expands through strategic connectivity channels, ensuring seamless access to the African and global internet landscapes via optimal routes.

What sets Network Platforms apart is our specialisation in serving the South African market. This focus endows us with a unique edge in ensuring the lowest latencies for South Africa to every international region—a challenge that large, multinational Tier 1 providers may not address as they cater to a wider geographical area. Our dedication to South African ISPs/WISPs means we offer customised solutions geared towards supreme latency performance across the board.

With a keen eye on the specific connectivity requisites of South Africa, we excel in devising the most direct and swift transit routes. This ensures that South African data streams remain optimally connected with the rest of the world, establishing us as the tailored standard against the more general services of our larger counterparts. Boasting a latency from Cape Town to London of 139ms, where most of our peer’s latency starts at 148ms and up and 115ms from Johannesburg to Singapore.  Compare our latencies and paths to your existing providers using our Looking Glass Portal – https://lg.as37497.net/

At the Heart of Global Communications: Network Platforms’ IP Transit

Our robust infrastructure is purpose-built for peak performance, featuring a world-class network engineered to facilitate the fastest, most stable, and lowest-latency Internet experience.

*Our IP Backbone: Unmatched Uptime and Performance*

Dual-core Points of Presence (PoPs) in London anchor our high-calibre network infrastructure, guaranteeing remarkable uptime and superior connectivity. With connections to four prestigious IP Transit providers, our reach is truly global.


Smart Peering for Smart Performance

With our strategic peering at critical IXP hubs like NAPAfrica, LINX, DE-CIX and AMS-IX, we bring you closer to cost-effective, swift, and resilient internet exchanges. This allows for premium bandwidth access, minimally processed routing, and significant enhancements in fault tolerance and latency.

Spanning Continents: Our Global Infrastructure

Possessing capacity on key subsea cables including WACS, Equiano, 2Africa, SAT-3, ACE, SAT3 and SEACOM, we equip providers to offer their clients high-speed Internet access across continents with robust and diverse connectivity options.


Exceptional Global Connectivity with Network Platforms

Connectivity knows no bounds with Network Platforms. We facilitate an expansive range of direct and secure routes across the world, ensuring superior Internet ecosystem growth for ISPs and their customers.

Why Network Platforms IP Transit is a Leap Ahead:

– Direct routes for outstanding global performance
– Specially optimized latency routes via Tier 1 connections
– A dedicated customer service team for unparalleled support
– Consistent and predictable routing with no intermediary involvement


Efficient International Peering: Expanding Network Horizons

Our extensive peering agreements transcend local borders, optimizing costs and amplifying network resilience. Learn more about how we maximize speed and efficiency through international peering.


Choosing Network Platforms: A Decisive Edge in IP Transit

Our commitment to overcoming IP Transit challenges has propelled us to forge an international infrastructure that puts control back in connectivity. With us, ISPs gain access to frictionless, top-tier connectivity crafted for exceptional performance.


Tailor-Made for South Africa: Superior Wholesale IP Transit Solutions

Our cutting-edge solutions are not just about connecting points but empowering Providers with capabilities to navigate complex digital landscapes with automated network management, low-latency routes, and real-time traffic optimization.


Embark on a Superior IP Transit Experience

Choose Network Platforms and step into the future of Internet connectivity. Our journey is about elevating your service to new heights with high-capacity, low-latency solutions you can rely on.

Contact us today to begin your IP Transit journey with Network Platforms – where connectivity meets excellence.

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