Service Charter



ICASA  published  regulations  ensuring  that  all  licensees  provide  customers  with  enough information in order to make informed decisions, providing for efficient and effective resolution of complaints by customers, prescribed minimum quality of service standards for the provision of services and should the customer be entitled to it, redress. Below is Network Platforms’s plain language and customer friendly version of the regulations as required in terms of regulation 7. 

Provision of information to customers 

Network Platforms and its agents must provide the customer, before the customer signs the agreement, with the relevant contract terms and conditions and Network Platforms’s complaints procedure. 


When Network Platforms has a promotion, it has to provide to the customer the terms and conditions of the  promotion,  who  may  take  part  in  the  promotion,  any  fair  usage  policies,  duration  of  the promotion, the obligations of the customer when the promotion ends and all money that the customer needs to pay with regards to the promotion. 


Network Platforms must provide a detailed billing to its customers should they request it.

Service Upgrades  and Maintenance

Network Platforms  must  inform  its  customers  via  email at least 7  days  before  and  a  day  before planned service interruptions which may happen due to service or system upgrades. 


A  customer  must  lodge  a  complaint  with  Network Platforms  first,  and  may  only  lodge  a  complaint  with ISPA or ICASA if they dispute the outcome of the resolution, or where Network Platforms has not responded or has failed to respond adequately to the customer’s complaint. 

Network Platforms must make available and make public the point where complaints must be lodged by a customer. Network Platforms must make our complaints handling procedure available on: 

• Our website; 

Network Platforms must acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 48 hours, allocate a reference number to the complaint, and inform the customer via email what it is. 

Impossibility of performance 

In the event that something happens which is out of Network Platforms’s control for a period of more than two  hours,  Network Platforms must  issue  a  notice  to  affected  customers  and  indicate  the time frame  in which the service should be expected to be restored and provide regular updates.