National Long Distance

Get access to the national long-distance fibre-optic network in South Africa

Network Platforms offers market-leading rates for national transit between a number of South African datacentres.  

Our national long-distance offering is customisable,

  1. Delivered as a protected service with dual fibre routes for redundancy
  2. Delivered as an unprotected service, allowing you to select the required routes to be delivering security

Our monitoring service comes standard with our National Long Distance service, so we can assure our customers will always be notified the instant any issues arise. In addition, our customers automatically gain access to the graphic interface which offers a quick overview of the capacity you are using. It ensures you are fully informed of usage and capacities at all times and when you need it the most.

The datacentres currently included in our portfolio are:

  • Teraco Johannesburg
  • Teraco Cape Town
  • Teraco Durban

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