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Embrace the Power of Robust Connectivity.Experience the matchless connectivity we deliver with our National Long-Distance service, effectively bridging the divide between Teraco datacentre environments through superior network infrastructure.

National Long Distance
Our Services

Our Services

Network Platforms is proud to offer a robust array of National Long-Distance solutions. Catering to diverse needs, we provide both linear unprotected services and multi-path protected services. With our comprehensive spectrum of connectivity solutions, we promise consistent performance of the highest calibre.

The Network Platforms Edge

Capitalise on our advantageous buying power. As we secure substantial capacities from a variety of fibre network operators, you enjoy competitive pricing backed by our volume. We do not confine ourselves to a single operator; instead, we demonstrate versatility, sourcing capacity directly from numerous infrastructure owners.

The Network Platforms Edge

Connectivity paths


Teraco Johannesburg (JB1) - Teraco Cape Town (CT1)

We have forged three independent paths between the Teraco Data Centres, including Fibreco, Liquid, and Openserve. If unparalleled uptime is a requirement, you can confidently rely on our protected service that encompasses these paths. Alternatively, for customers seeking an unprotected service, any one of these paths can be chosen, and we’ll deliver it as such.


Teraco Johannesburg (JB1) - Teraco Durban (DB1)

Mirroring our Teraco JB1-CT1 connectivity, we have laid down four distinct paths between Teraco JB1 and Teraco DB1. These paths feature DFA, Liquid, Openserve, and now Seacom. While they form part of our protected service, each can also be utilized individually for customers in need of an unprotected service.

Opt for Network Platforms for unfaltering connectivity, and bask in the flexibility of choosing the path that best accommodates your business needs.

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