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At Network Platforms, we specialize in providing high-quality backend systems to Managed Services Providers (MSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). Our comprehensive solutions are designed to improve your customer offerings and streamline your operations. With a focus on our Enterprise Virtual Server or Virtual Datacentre Environment, IP Transit, National Long Distance connectivity, and wholesale voice rates, we are committed to delivering exceptional services tailored to your specific needs.

Internet Service Providers

Why ISPs and WISPs are selecting Network Platforms IP Transit (IPT)?

Network Platforms stands out in the IP Transit market with our purpose-built service, specifically designed to meet the needs of South African ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and WISPs. We understand the importance of offering customers the best possible experience, and that's why our IP Transit service is tailored to deliver exceptional performance. With a focus on South Africa, we provide optimized connectivity to all global destinations such as South America, the United States, Europe, the Far East, and Australasia. Our reliable network infrastructure, coupled with dedicated support, ensures that ISPs and WISPs can provide their customers with superior connectivity and a seamless online experience.

What sets our National Long Distance (NLD) between the Teraco datacentre apart?

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Our National Long-Distance service between the Teraco datacentre stands out for a number of reasons. Firstly, we have implemented three different providers between Teraco CT1 and JB1, as well as between Teraco DB1 and JB1. This strategic approach ensures optimal performance and reliability. One of the key advantages we offer is unrivalled uptime. Our service guarantees an exceptional level of reliability, allowing you to stay connected without interruptions.

We provide the option of a protected service, which encompasses all three paths, or you can choose a specific path for an unprotected service, based on your individual requirements, while leveraging our preferential rates due to the volume of capacity. Unlike many of our competitors who typically offer only two independent paths, we go above and beyond by providing three distinct paths. This gives you greater flexibility and enhances the overall resilience of our service. Learn more about our National Long Distance service today.

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Need Enterprise-Grade Virtual Servers to host your customer applications?

As a VMware Cloud Verified Partner, we offer a wide range of exceptional advantages to empower your business. As an esteemed partner, we guarantee the highest standards of reliability, security, and compliance. Our rigorous testing and verification processes ensure optimal infrastructure performance, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. With Network Platforms as your VMware Cloud Verified Partner, you can confidently embrace the cloud with complete trust in our proven solutions. Benefit from our advanced security measures, robust data protection, and unwavering commitment to compliance. Experience the transformative power of the cloud with Network Platforms, your dedicated partner for success. Explore our Virtual Servers today.

Why Managed Service Providers (MSPs) partner with Network Platforms?

MSPs are able to expand their services, access advanced technologies, and enhance brand recognition by partnering with Network Platforms. Collaborating with us allows MSPs to offer comprehensive solutions, leverage scalable infrastructures, and deliver high-quality networking services. Partnering with Network Platforms enables MSPs to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from our expertise. For example, by tagging public IP subnets, MSPs can display their company name during customer speed tests, strengthening their brand presence. This partnership empowers MSPs to provide superior services and establish a reputable brand identity.


Need Advanced Technical Support for core switching and routing Infrastructure?

We offer advanced technical support for core switching and routing infrastructure. Our services cover Cisco and MikroTik equipment, handling complex tasks such as managing BGP and OSPF protocols. Our skilled professionals provide proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance to ensure smooth network operations. With our support, you can extend your team and have peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is in capable hands.

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Our virtual server solution is uniquely scalable and offers bespoke options for your specific storage processing requirements.

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Colocate your servers in one of our 5 datacentres based in Johannesburg, Centurion, Cape Town, Durban and London.


We built our network from the ground up, creating a world-class infrastructure backed by industry-leading service.


Network Platforms offers market-leading rates for national transit between a number of South African datacentres.

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Connect to real business class Fibre Internet coupled with unmatched support.


We deploy straightforward, effective and secure cloud hosted voice solutions.

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