Cloud Solutions

Our cloud platforms are designed to resiliently host and manage client applications. These services are fully managed and ensure minimal client interaction to provide maximum uptime and availability to all business critical systems. We are able to evaluate and deliver both private and public cloud offerings specifically catered to your needs, including mail and cloud server options as well as off-site backups.

Cloud platforms designed to resiliently host and manage your applications

Employee Monitoring Software

Monitoring Your Workforce Sure, employee monitoring tools can track how much time your staff uses Facebook, but they’re also a […]

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Virtual Servers

Our virtual server solution is uniquely scalable and offers bespoke options for your specific storage processing requirements. We offer this […]

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Microsoft 365

We are a Microsoft CSP Partner and we provide the complete Office 365 and Microsoft 365 product stack. Our technical […]

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Infrastructure Monitoring

IT infrastructure monitoring enables detailed monitoring capabilities, like internet bandwidth monitoring and server resource monitoring. While we include monitoring on […]

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Email Archiving

If your business requirement is to keep a copy of all email we can offer solutions to achieve this for […]

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Cloud Backup Services

We offer cloud backup services for your company assets from Laptops/Desktops to Servers. Network Platforms provides various secure and reliable […]

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