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At Network Platforms, we present our Zimbra Cloud Hosted Email solution, deployed on our Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure located in Teraco Isando. Zimbra emerges as a highly cost-effective option for organisations not needing the full feature set of Microsoft 365.

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Zimbra Overview

Zimbra distinguishes itself with a cross-device synchronisation email solution. Maintain a single, unified inbox across your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, coupled with convenient webmail access. This streamlines your communication, keeping it organized and efficient.

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A distinct advantage we provide is the option to subscribe monthly, rather than yearly. This flexibility allows you to scale your subscriptions based on business needs, maintaining operational efficiency.


Email Filtering and Antispam Solution

Our Zimbra Cloud Hosted email solution includes filtering of your incoming mail for spam, malware and phishing, consistently enhancing its spam and malware defences. The solution’s proficiency in filtering systems stems from handling email traffic across more than 2.5 million active domains on a daily basis.

Optional Addon Features

We also offer additional optional features and plugins to enhance your email security and experience, which include

Email Security - Antispam

Phishing Protection

Malware Protection


DMARC Management

Email Continuity

Data Retention and Compliance

Message Encryption

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Should you require further advice or information please contact us to ensure you consider the best-suited solution and addon services.

Alternative Tools to Fill The Gaps

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For those requiring access to the various tools encapsulated in Microsoft 365 which are not included with Zimbra, such as Teams, OneDrive, Word, or Excel, we recommend a host of alternatives. Explore Zoom for video conferencing, Dropbox for cloud storage, and Google’s suite (Docs and Sheets) for your document and spreadsheet needs.

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In summary, Zimbra offers an affordable yet powerful solution for businesses needing effective email collaboration. Pair it with our recommended alternatives to create a tailored, comprehensive suite of digital tools for your organization.


Should you require further advice or information please contact us to ensure you consider the best-suited solution and addon services.

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