Anti-spam services to ensure clients defeat the disruption caused by unsolicited spam.

Network Platforms provides exceptional anti-spam services to ensure clients defeat the disruption caused by unsolicited spam. For both the private user and the enterprise, spam is a frustrating issue which can impact on productivity and security. Through our two solutions, each designed to fit specific business requirements, we support you in overcoming this challenge and making spam a thing of the past.


This cloud-hosted service specialises in unified email management with anti-spam, anti-virus and email archiving capabilities. Archiving grants users instant access to every email ever sent or received, even when the primary email exchange server is unavailable. In addition, you can even send and receive emails when the primary server is down – we assure of constant connectivity, at any time.

Through the Network Platforms and Mimecast solution, policies can be established to determine which types of email are allowed to be sent and received, and administrators can manage compliance to ensure the highest quality email data for regulatory and legal requirements.


This leading anti-spam solution delivers exceptional functionality with superb flexibility and end-user control. This software effectively stops spam before it even reaches your email servers or inboxes, without discarding relevant and important email messages.

The system provides voting options on incoming email messages for tighter control and you can select whether or not to block email from certain users. Group settings are provided so management can set preferences regarding which email attachment types are permitted for receipt by specific internal departments. Email reports can be generated on demand or configured to generate automatically and, if clients run an internal mail system, then we can point the MX records to our anti-spam solution whenever we deliver the scanned email to their email server.

It is efficient and secure, removing the hassle of spam without impacting on the business. To find out which anti-spam solution is best suited to your needs, contact us.

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