Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 At Network Platforms, we deliver the power of Microsoft 365, a flexible monthly subscription service designed for collaboration, application use, and email solutions. We tailor offerings to cater to your unique user requirements.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Overview

Microsoft 365, hosted on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, provides a seamless email experience across multiple devices allowing collaboration and access to various Microsoft Cloud services Suite applications, like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint Teams, Sharepoint and Onedrive. Send an email from your mobile and access it from your desktop or via the Microsoft 365 webmail portal – ensuring synchronisation across your devices. The various monthly subscription options will include how you access the various application and features.

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Included within Office 365, Teams offer robust video conferencing capabilities. Connect with internal teams, suppliers, or customers through video and voice interactions. Enhance collaboration with features like screen sharing, whiteboard presentations, and meeting recordings. Teams also offers centralised file access, improving access to data and improved departmental collaboration.

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Microsoft 365 offers access to an extensive suite of applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Project, Access, and more. The package can be customized to the needs of different users within your organisation. While some may need desktop access to Word or Excel, others might only require browser-based access. Traditionally access to Microsoft applications would be a once-off purchase of a particular version of the application, with a subscription-based option you can always have access to the latest versions of the respective applications.

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A distinct advantage we provide is the option to subscribe monthly, rather than yearly. This flexibility allows you to scale your subscriptions based on business needs, maintaining operational efficiency.

In essence, our service adapts to your unique requirements, removing the confusion often associated with package selection, and enhancing your digital productivity.

Optional Addon Features

We also offer additional optional features and plugins to enhance your email security and experience, which include

Email Security - Antispam

Phishing Protection

Malware Protection


DMARC Management

Email Continuity

Data Retention and Compliance

Message Encryption

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