VPN and WAN Management

Network Platforms provides a reliable VPN or WAN infrastructure which is capable of connecting multiple offices or remote users to one central location. Our VPN connections are monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week and we provide backup for critical connections. Through this targeted and focused service, we ensure that your backup connection takes over automatically and instantly the moment the primary connection drops.

The Network Platforms VPN Management offering is designed to deliver superior capability in line with your business requirements. We understand that it is critical to your success and ensure consistent monitoring of all VPN connections around the clock.

In addition, we evaluate your current connectivity, ensure it addresses your needs and implement failovers so you don’t experience any down time. We have formed partnerships with some of the leading IT hardware manufacturers so we can procure the right equipment for your relevant sites. This significantly reduces your capital outlay while also increasing your capabilities. Should any equipment fail at any time, even due to damage caused by a power surge or lightning, Network Platforms replaces it at our expense.

We can implement an array of connectivity options which are tailored to suit your business capacity and failover requirements, so contact us to find out which one we can create for you.

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