Multi-tenant internet solutions

High speed. Extensive connectivity. Complete bandwidth management. Multiple spaces or tenants. These are just some of the advantages of the specialised Network Platforms multi-tenant internet solution packages. With our expertise we can provide you with a centralised connectivity solution for your housing estate or office park which is of superb quality, designed to suit your budget requirements and ideally tailored to your specific needs.

Network Platforms has the tools and the knowledge to advise you on all aspects of a multi-tenant internet solution including:

  • Internet bandwidth allocation
  • Internet bandwidth management
  • Billing
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • CCTV
  • Quality internet access and control

There is a variety of methodologies we can employ to implement your solution and these will be personalised to suit your requirements and budget.


The installation of your multi-tenant internet solution is easy and seamless. We implement a fibre or licensed microwave link to the estate at a centralised location and ensure that each office or house is connected to this location. The design and extent of the connection is determined by you and structured to suit the option you have selected.

We handle the management of the bandwidth and you can choose between a usage-based internet option or a capacity-based option. In addition, we can provide you with numerous log-on credentials and the development of as many different profiles as you may require. The information can also be used for billing purposes if your solution is to be invoiced out to each of the users on the system.

Network Platforms can provide you with additional services which can be turned on or off you see fit. These can include solutions such as VoIP, a hosted PBX option as well as CCTV capabilities.

Contact us to discuss your multi-tenant situation and how we can best create a solution which fits your needs.

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