Mobile connectivity

The Network Platforms Mobile Connectivity offering is inclusive of LTE and 3G capabilities across all the South African mobile networks. Our solutions are contract-free and ideally suited for roaming and improved accessibility on the move. We work with leading service providers to ensure full coverage in areas where one or another may not have sufficient signal to deliver.

Our LTE platform provides capacity for roaming and smaller site redundancy and we have partnered with Cell C, RAIN, MTN and Vodacom so as to assure our customers of comprehensive reach. Our clients are not tied into fixed contract periods and can top up instantly, on demand.

The Network Platforms LTE (Long Term Evolution), also known as 4G, is scaling upwards alongside its availability and reach. This new standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile telephony is a superb addition to our mobile connectivity stable as it is around six to eight times faster than premium 3G options.

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