Local Layer 2

Network Platforms has both international and national protected Layer 2 services. If your business is looking to connect two locations or just one Layer 2 service to our datacentre or any of the Teraco datacentres or Hetzner, we have the tools and requisite competencies you require. Network Platforms can deliver solutions over Licensed Microwave or Fibre or both and our solutions are customisable to suit different environments and specifications.

Network Platforms has a robust and scalable fibre infrastructure between Hetzner Centurion and Teraco Isando  and clients benefit from Layer 2 access to infrastructure at Hetzner through Fibre, Microwave, or a combination of connectivity options.

We also offer monitoring as a standard service so if there are any issues, we are notified immediately. In addition, our customers automatically gain access to the graphic interface which offers a quick overview of the capacity they are using. It ensures you are fully informed of usage and capacities at all times.

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