Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protecting vital data, applications and systems from threat

A reliable, secure, and comprehensive disaster recovery solution is a critical investment for today’s organisation. Vital data, applications, and systems need to be protected against the myriad of threats that are on the landscape today.

Without it, you will lose valuable data, systems and time

When disaster strikes, your business needs disaster recovery options to ensure your IT assets are protected and critical systems secured. Without it, you will lose valuable data, systems and time, and a breach or system failure can also lead to loss of reputation and revenue.

Network Platforms has the technology your business needs to assure you of an effective disaster recovery solution which is customised to suit your organisation’s unique requirements.

With Network Platforms’ Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings you can extend your environment and replicate your existing infrastructure through our enterprise platform. We provide high-level, structured support in all our datacentre environments and deliver a disaster recovery (DR) solution with the option for you to choose a geographical position to suit your DR requirements.

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