Cloud Backup Services

We offer cloud backup services for your company assets from Laptops/Desktops to Servers.

Network Platforms provides various secure and reliable off-site backup solutions that assure our clients of comprehensive disaster recovery in the event of an emergency. We offer bespoke solutions to cater to your unique requirements. Our backup solutions are convenient, reliable, and secure. We have opted to work with market leaders to ensure our customers are given the best technology for complete peace of mind.


We know exactly how important it is to have a reliable off-site or remote backup solution which is capable of delivering the right levels of security and peace of mind. This is why we use Redstor as this technology currently provides the best backup system on the market today and can back up from any location and from desktop and laptop to server.


Veeam Availability Suite™, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication™, leverages virtualisation, storage, and cloud technologies that enable the modern data centre to help organisations save time, mitigate risks, and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs while always supporting the current and future business goals of Veeam customers.

Network Platforms’ cloud backup solutions allow for incremental backups so only amended data is added to store data. In addition, we protect your intellectual capital professionally, reliably and securely. This high level of disaster recovery protection and backup is one service no business can afford to be without.

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