CISCO Meraki

We are a proud provider of Cisco Meraki hardware: the connectivity devices and solutions that form the backbone of modern business – especially those spread across multiple locations.

We offer business owners the option to buy Cisco Meraki devices outright, as well as a managed solution that gives you the security, stability, and speed you need. So what can these devices do for your business?




Connect to improved performance

Keeping your office, branches or remote users connected no matter what is crucial to your success.

Cisco Meraki empowers you to combine different types of connectivity based on the demands of each location, giving you maximum uptime with no disruption to your business voice system (PBX), mission-critical apps, and general internet connection.

That means no more dropped calls, frustrated customers who can’t hear you, or staff stuck and unable to work because of connection issues.

Lower costs

If you select our managed option, we will supply and proactively maintain and manage Cisco Meraki devices on your behalf. We’ll even exchange any faulty devices free of charge, and we always have spare devices in case we need something replaced at short notice. That gives you maximum performance at a minimal cost.

Greater flexibility

We leverage existing connectivity infrastructure, so there’s no need to set up new infrastructure: we will add the power and performance of Cisco Meraki to your current setup.

Improved internet connectivity

Don’t let a slow, unstable connection slow you down. We can supply connectivity or boost your current connections so that you have additional redundancy built into your network. Connecting teams across branches and new home offices means that you need a safe, software-defined wide area network, or SD-WAN – and Cisco Meraki offers one of the best solutions available:

  • Cloud-managed: Enjoy the speed, flexibility and access of cloud management that empowers branches with safe, secure connection
  • Totally secure: Easily switch on next-gen layer 7 firewall, Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), SSL decryption, DLP and more
  • Foolproof failover: The system switches between connections to ensure your experience is never disrupted.
  • End-to-end visibility: Intuitive reporting and analytics make it easy to monitor and maintain WAN health.
  • Low-cost, high-speed connectivity: SD-Wan reduces reliance on MPLS by using available fibre and broadband options.
  • Auto VPN: Create a secure VPN between your branches and devices in just three clicks!Data Management: Prioritise business critical applications so you’re always online and operational

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