Network Platforms qualifies as EPP registrar

Network Platforms, a South African provider of IT solutions, has become an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) registrar for the domain name space. The company has proven that its system is technically capable of running and managing these all-important registrations. Established in 2003, Network Platforms has served as the premier service provider to clients for over a decade.

Its value proposition lies in solutions that address requirements related to ADSL connectivity, Diginet; fibre, microwave and 3G connectivity, IT management, VPN management, infrastructure monitoring, IP PBX/VOIP, and cloud services.

EPP provides a simpler means of dealing with domain administration.

UniForum is the registry managing the South-Africa-based domain names. The regulatory body has been using a proprietary ‘legacy’ system, which requires a parsing of mailings.

Although effective, it is time-consuming, potentially prone to errors and outdated, in comparison to EPP.

UniForum has adopted the EPP system to ease the process of dealing with domains and their registrars.

Executive management at Network Platforms say EPP has emerged as an accepted international standard of communication between registries and registrars.

“Network Platforms is now in the position to make immediate changes to client domains, be it registration / transfer or modification of domains in the domain name space,” explains Bradley Love, MD of Network Platforms.

The accreditation adds significant value to the company’s service offering within the ultra-competitive area of domain administration.

Love says the pursuit of this status has required substantial focus, over a long period of time, and commitment from all stakeholders.

“It has been a long time coming, but we are very pleased to have reached this milestone in our development and the relevance of our service to the market,” he adds.


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