Network Platforms offers resellers free hosting in South Africa

Network Platforms, leading service-driven ICT solutions provider, has tailored an offering targeted at the South African reseller market to support growth and customer engagement. Resellers with Network Platforms will receive free web hosting on the organisation’s enterprise infrastructure until the end of 2017, giving them the tools they need to develop richer customer solutions and expand their capabilities.

“Network Platforms provides intelligent solutions and high-quality products to resellers and these are further supported by a vibrant community that’s focused on providing them with all the tools and advice they need,” says Brad Love, CEO, Network Platforms. “Our resellers gain access to a wealth of opportunity, products and competitive solutions that they can use to differentiate their services in the South African market. To further enhance this portfolio, we are giving our resellers free web hosting until the end of 2017.”

The Network Platforms system is built on cPanel, one of the most reliable and intuitive web hosting control panels on the market today. This dashboard provides simple and seamless access to web hosting companies, ensuring that resellers enjoy a reliable and feature-rich service. In addition to cPanel’s functionality and feature set, Network Platforms has included access to the Softaculous App installer as part of the free web hosting promotion.

“The Softaculous App Installer includes more than 400 auto-installation scripts for popular systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and PrestaSop,” says Love. “Softaculous is one of the leading auto installers for cPanel and offers web hosting companies a simple tool to handle scripts, updates and so much more. It is another feature-rich solution that allows for resellers to enhance their offerings to customers.”

The free web hosting package from Network Platforms provides resellers with a comprehensive portfolio that can be tailored to suit specific customer requirements and enhance product offerings. It is available to Network Platforms resellers until the end of 2017, and it includes a variety of add-on extras that allow for richer customisation and capability.

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