Network Platforms Ip Transit Promotion: Creating World-class Connections

Every business owner knows that stable, high-speed broadband gives them an edge over their competitors – and in the wake of the pandemic, the need to keep connected is even more important than ever before.

The growing appetite for connectivity has seen a number of new ISPs enter the market and try to outpace the slower, traditional telcos by creating new connectivity pathways.

However, the feeding frenzy for fast connections means that it’s increasingly difficult to build a network that leverages existing global infrastructure effectively: because everyone is jostling for position on the same system of undersea cables and peering exchanges.

Despite this competition to create free-flowing networks, our wholesale connectivity and IP transit solutions are already the driving force between 25 of South Africa’s biggest ISPs, because they offer unparalleled performance and stability. And if you sign up right now, we’ll protect your new network for a year.

So what sets us apart?


Since launching our wholesale IP transit solution, Network Platforms has raced past other network providers; we’re already one of South Africa’s favourite wholesale suppliers.

There are a number of reasons for this growth and popularity; it’s not just our competitive pricing, active after sales service or range of flexible products that allow us to empower ISPs to succeed in a hyper-competitive market.

A key reason why more and more providers are choosing to partner with Network Platforms is the size, speed and stability of our infrastructure. Our international and local data centres mean we offer our clients IP transit with direct capacity on key international subsea cables, including WACS, SAT-3, EASSy, Seacom and SAFE with incredibly low latency.

Plus, our presence on peering exchanges in London (LINX), Amsterdam (AMS-IX) and the DEC-IX network of partner exchanges means unparalleled speed and performance.

Sound too good to be true? We’d love you to put our latency to the test, live, through our looking glass: 

Impressed? What are you waiting for?


To ensure that your new network is completely secure, we’re running a unique promotion that gives you peace of mind.

Sign up for now and you will receive 6 months free, protected National Long Distance IP Transit between the Teraco data centres Johannesburg and Cape Town, or between Johannesburg and Durban.

We will also give you 6 months’ free DDOS mitigation and traffic scrubbing as well – security measures that ensure a connection that is as safe as it is fast.

Providing the network performance your customers expect is only possible when you have access to the best local and international footprint, expert advice and IP Transit solutions.

Don’t waste another second wondering what to do next. We’re ready to help you get started right now.

One of our experts is ready to help you


One of our experts is ready to help you