Network Platforms empowers candidates with valuable IT skills sets

Network Platforms, a South African provider of IT solutions, has introduced a learnership programme. This initiative will empower learners in preparation for the workplace and offer the necessary skills to add immediate value to companies. Established in 2003, Network Platforms has served as the premier service provider to clients for over a decade. Over the years, the company has fine-tuned its service portfolio and adapted to the ever-changing dynamics and emerging trends that characterise the domestic technology industry.

Its value proposition lies in solutions that address requirements related to ADSL connectivity, Diginet, fibre, microwave and 3G connectivity, IT management, VPN management, infrastructure monitoring, IP PBX/VOIP and cloud services.

The learnership courses are designed to equip candidates with skills that can be utilised in the workplace as well as sought-after technical skills including the ability to set up and configure PCs, and assist with software implementations and networking.

“We are going to introduce the candidates to all aspects of the business and also gradually expose them to more IT. The next course the IT technician will be attending is N+, which is an introduction to networking, as the first candidate has completed and has been certified as an A+ engineer, which is an introduction to PC hardware. Once N+ certified, we will then proceed to complete the Microsoft certification, as we are a Microsoft partner, and then finally process to Cisco certification,” Bradley Love, MD of Network Platforms, explains.

Management at Network Platforms says learnership programmes play a critical role and have to be sustained if South Africa is to seriously and effectively address skills shortages, particularly those that now impact on the progress of ICT.


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