Network Platforms embraces Kaseya

Network Platforms today announced it had entered into a strategic partnership with Kaseya for the delivery of its managed services portfolio.

“We decided to partner with Kaseya because we see their software as becoming the benchmark from a managed service perspective, and thus provides us with a competitive edge over some of our competitors,” commented Bradley Love, Managing Director of Network Platforms.

“We were especially attracted to the IT automation side of their product offering,” continued Love, “as this provides proactive service delivery capabilities that result in increased productivity, consistent service levels, optimum utilisation of staff, expanded service capabilities and cost reductions.

“In addition, the Kaseya offering also provides a comprehensive reporting capability so that with the integrated anti-virus capability, backups, audits, patch management and the helpdesk, we can now provide to our customer a detailed report of what they are paying for and what has been done on a month-to-month basis,” concluded Love.

Kaseya, a US company but with its headquarters in Switzerland, is a leading global provider of IT systems management software. Kaseya’s solutions empower everyone from the individual consumer through to large corporations and IT service providers, in order to proactively manage and control IT assets remotely, easily and efficiently from one integrated Web-based platform.

For further information, please contact Bradley Love, tel: 0861 112 129; fax: 0865 034 826; e-mail:

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