Network Platforms becomes Microsoft Silver Partner

Network Platforms today announced that it had become a Silver Partner of Microsoft, with ‘server platform’ and ‘mid-market solutions provider’ being the specific competencies named in this regard.

“We believe that by achieving this status we can differentiate ourselves from many of our competitors, as we have demonstrated a specific and proven skill set within our organisation,” commented Bradley Love, Managing Director of Network Platforms.

“Not surprisingly, this is a great foundation for our business going forward, especially as it places us within the top 5% of Microsoft partners worldwide.

“Not surprisingly, this status brings with it additional and valuable benefits,” continued Love. “These include early access to Microsoft’s latest internal-use software; business modelling tools and roadmaps that can help and evaluate prospective investments; access to deep technical support and advisory services; and a whole raft of presentations, demonstrations, financing and incentive programmes that can help increase sales.

“We see this as only the beginning of the strengthening of the relationship we have with Microsoft,” concluded Love. “All in all, this is a win-win situation for us and our customers/prospective clients as there are positives for everyone involved.”

For further information, please contact Bradley Love tel. 0861 112 129; fax 0865 034 826; e-mail


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