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With “mobility” today’s IT market buzzword, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the craze of “bigger, better, faster” when it comes to Internet access and security gismos and software. The solution: read the writing on the box when buying your next modem or program. This is according to Bradley Love, Network Platforms, and exclusive distributor of DrayTek products in South Africa.Take DrayTek’s newest Vigor2910 series router, for example. Read the fine print and you’ll find that its 3.5G connection can be used as a WAN for load-balance or emergency backup.

By combining the WLAN feature with a 3.5G USB modem, the Vigor2910 series can be treated as a mobile hotspot solution – able to be installed on different vehicles such as trains or tourist buses to offer services for real-time news, real-time messaging (by IM, MSN/Skype) and online shopping.

Love says the Vigor2910 series is the first broadband router made in Taiwan that supports 3.5G USB modem. “With 3G becoming more and more popular throughout the world, the new Vigor series makes reliable Internet connection that much more possible. In a market like ours in South Africa where mobile hotspots are growing, it’s a cost-effective new tool for SMMEs like restaurants and coffee shops looking to add even more value for their customers,” says Love.

With the European market reacting extremely positively to the new router, Love says he believes it’s just a matter of time before the South African market follows suit.

As a comprehensive remote access solution provider, DrayTek is increasing its market share in the SMME market. With a range of products that specifically caters for small and medium enterprises and their networking needs, the company has been able to focus its solutions – a key one of which is providing Internet security.

The VigorPro5500 UTM product with its new anti-spam function is both an all-round piece of security equipment and a must for a small business. This unified threat management (UTM) product offers comprehensive network security as well as anti-virus/anti-intrusion protection – now complemented with anti-spam. Love explains that VigorPro5500’s advantage lies in it being equipped with all the required functions without the added hardware cost.

In addition, “VigorPro5500 offers more than a 97% interception rate so it’s able to discern between normal e-mail and spam efficiently. This means that by using VigorPro5500 as security gateway equipment, any spam is intercepted as soon as it appears.”

This also means that it’s able to solve the problem of network efficiency – because it processes large quantities of mail, it is able to keep a network running at its optimum.

With DrayTek’s success in South Africa directly attributable to its immediate response to customers’ needs, SMMEs should continue watching this space for more innovative Internet solutions from this remote access provider.

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