Virtual Servers for your business: A guide for the non-technical

Some IT investments offer substantial opportunities for cost reduction, productivity improvements and better business continuity. This is especially the case with virtualisation. And it’s not simply a question of reduced expenses and resource requirements; virtualisation can make your company more robust, agile and responsive to changing economic conditions and business opportunities. It is also by its very nature the technology premise upon which the cloud is built. We've developed a super simple white paper on virtualisation and everything you need to know as u non-technical person.

What's in the White Paper?

  • What is a server and why do businesses need them?
  • Should you use onsite servers or hosted cloud servers?
  • Benefits of a hosted cloud server
  • Benefits of an onsite server
  • How cloud service providers actually work
  • An overview of Virtualisation
  • What to consider when selecting a cloud service provider
  • How virtual servers are priced
  • Cloud data repatriation as a growing trend

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A guide for the non-technical

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