Safer, cheaper, smarter: say hello to Meraki SDWAN

The pandemic has pushed fast-forward on many companies’ business development plans.

Meraki SDWAN. Across the globe, companies are accelerating efforts to reinvent themselves and make remote work a reality - without breaking the bank.

As many build new operating models, branches and partnerships, it’s more important than ever to ensure that teams are connected and capable of delivering a superior customer experience, starting with a secure, stable network.

Creating the capacity to operate securely from anywhere used to come with a hefty bill, length lead time and a complex integration process - but Cisco Meraki has a solution.

Say hello to Cisco Meraki SDWan.


Meraki SDWAN (Software-driven Wide Area Network) is software that automatically identifies the optimum flow of information between multiple branches, locations and devices - without the need for any fixed infrastructure.

It’s like the navigation app on your phone, except that instead of finding the best combination of highways and byways to get you from A to B without getting stuck in traffic, it automatically directs the flow of data between networked devices using the best available combination of Broadband, LTE and Wi-Fi based on your security policies and preferences.

Now, instead of investing in expensive MPLS (Multi-protocol Labelling Software) circuits to create a network, all you need to create a secure, reliable network is an internet connection.


Making the switch to Cisco Meraki SDWan makes business sense for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there’s the cost. SD-Wan is generally more affordable because it involves a once-off payment rather than an investment in MLPS circuits and the associated subscription costs; plus you’re no longer reliant on that fixed, vulnerable infrastructure.

Then there’s the performance. Cisco Meraki SD-Wan is faster and more reliable because it combines the best-performing infrastructure to maintain speed and stability. If any part of the possible network goes down, it’s simply avoided - so you’re never disconnected.

Cisco Meraki SD-Wan also allows you to set security policies that ensure sensitive data is always sent on safe pathways, while less restricted information can travel freely on public infrastructure when needed. That means most data moves freely to boost performance, while confidential, protected information is never at risk.

Finally, Cisco Meraki-SD-Wan gives you the freedom and flexibility to channel traffic based on your business needs. Whether that’s a stable connection for VoIP customer interaction or lightning fast connection when every second counts, you can prioritise network performance as needed.


As business moves towards a set of Cloud-based services, the ability to connect your customers and branches safely and effectively can be the difference between you and your competitors.

Replacing rigid circuits with flexible, fast, SD-Wan from Cisco Meraki helps you do more than lower your expenditure - it gives you the freedom to connect to new opportunities quickly and safely

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