Get free access to Netflix SA and Showmax

Network Platforms is offering free access to Netflix South Africa, Showmax and reduced rates to various Cloud services.

The company has specialised in providing organisations with market leading business internet services since 2003 and has developed a quality reseller xDSL and FTTH solution that is exactly in line with market demand.

“We have been providing reseller ADSL services using the SAIX IPC infrastructure since 2008,” says Brad Love, CEO at Network Platforms

“At the beginning of 2016, we implemented our own IPC infrastructure which has allowed us to create a variety of high-quality products to resellers.

“One of these is our extremely popular uncontended xDSL/Openserve fibre to the home product which is aimed at resellers and end users who are looking for the best quality bandwidth and service.


IPC, also known as IP Connect, is an Openserve service that is used by internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver services to clients using xDSL and Openserve FTTH.

This solution allows for the ISP to use its own internet transit services and take full control of the quality of the internet bandwidth and redundancies.

International routes on the service include SAT3, WACS, SAFE, EASSY and SEACOM.

Network Platforms also peers at NAP Africa, JINX, LINX, AMS-IX and DE-CIX, and this improves performance and latencies.

“We took advantage of the double-up special on offer from Openserve at the end of 2015 as it allowed us to enter into this space and create solutions that can be tailored to suit the budgets and needs of resellers and clients,” explains Love.

“As part of this investment, we are offering Netflix South Africa and Showmax for free – no catch.”

The launch offer will run until the end of August and thereafter the VoD (Video on Demand) services will be charged at a fixed rate for unlimited streaming to ensure seamless access and capped costs.

Network Platforms will also be offering special bandwidth rates to various services, which will include free bandwidth to the Network Platforms Voice platform.

In other words, bandwidth used for voice calls will not be billed and other services hosted within the Network Platforms cloud, like cloud backups, will also be billed at reduced rates.

“We have set the prices to ensure they are competitive and in line with the market, but it is worth adding that our solution has no shaping or throttling and every aspect is to the highest quality,” says Love.

“The cost of bandwidth is billed at the same rate for xDSL and FTTH and our services are easily available through one of our resellers.”

A list of resellers can be found on the Network Platforms website:

Network Platforms has a successful and detailed reseller portal, which has been designed to provide visitors with a complete view of the company, its services, and how best to utilise them.

Resellers visiting the portal are guided through building a brand with a white-labelled ISP, easy router management, comprehensive ADSL line management and creating their own products within flexible parameters, among many other features and support services.

Network Platforms also offers resellers the option to monitor connections using its monitoring systems so they can be alerted should a connection go down.

Access to the monitoring platform is via a web interface and devices being monitored need to support SNMP. The system will also give you an indication of what capacity is being used on the client’s connection.

A unique feature is Network Platforms bills resellers on a usage across all accounts and not on a per account basis.

“Resellers are able to work within a secure space which keeps them informed and ensures they receive up to date information, advice and offerings,” concludes Love.

“There is advice on how to use the system to its best advantage along with pricing and data to help support the reseller’s business and client expectations.

“We have ensured that it includes everything required by resellers to take advantage of our superb launch offer and become part of the Network Platforms IPC story.”

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