Enterprise fibre - limitless possibilities

Our unmetered, unrestricted Enterprise Fibre connects you to a new level of speed, performance and service

Pure, premium performance

High-speed internet connectivity can be a competitive advantage for any business - but not if it doesn’t come with a premium level of service.  

We believe that to get the best out of your connection, you need connectivity that isn’t limited or restricted in any way. Speed that’s backed by a premium SLA. 

To make sure you get the best speed for every cent you spend, we’ve created a premium, unmetered Enterprise Fibre package with no fair use policy or contention ratio. That means there’s no trying to slow you down. 

To manage that connection, we’ve also included monitoring which empowers you to set custom thresholds and monitor via an online interface. 

Built on one of the best local and internationally connected networks in the country, this is the package for businesses that demand premium performance. 

So what’s included?

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Good, better, best

Our Enterprise Fibre solution empowers your business with more than just speed. 

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Unrivalled service

We’ve prioritised service so that your speed is matched by total support whenever you need it.

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Real reliability

Because our core network has been built for complete redundancy, you enjoy maximum uptime - no matter what.

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Powerful performance

Direct capacity on multiple international links and infrastructures means we have total control over quality and deliver the shortest routes from South Africa to international destinations.

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Scaling up is simple

The service is designed to be scalable, so it will always match (and exceed) your needs as your business grows.

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Flexible and fluid

We won’t lock you into restrictive settings: we can provide same-day temporary service upgrades which are billed on a prorated basis.

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Built-in service add-ons

This is our flagship Enterprise Fibre solution, and it includes proactive monitoring and automated threshold notifications.

Pick your premium package
Add additional services
Need even more? Contact one of our account managers to find out more about these additional services.
Managed Shared Firewall (NGFW - HA)
R1 850,00
R1 250,00
Managed SD-WAN includes NGFW
R2 950,00
R3 500,00
Backup/temp wireless link
Cisco router
R2 390,00
R1 753,00
Additional PBX extensions
/28 - 16 IP Addresses
Dedicated Voice VLAN from
Please note:
- Prices exclude VAT
- Availability is subject to coverage and network feasibility.
- Installation costs vary according to contract term and capacity.
- Setup fees are waived on 36-month contracts.
- View all setup fees here.
- Key definitions: MRC is Monthly Recurring Cost; NRC is a Non-Recurring Cost.
- We offer up to 10 Gbps on this service. Review pricing here.
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