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If you’re looking for an affordable solution which can manage your business from once central point, then the Network Platforms and SAP Business One software suite has what you need.

This solution allows you to manage everything from sales, to customer relationships to financial information to operational data. It is a seamless, integrated and customisable approach to ensuring you are in complete control of your business.

SAP Business One (SAP B1) was developed specifically for the small to medium enterprise (SME) market and is sold exclusively through SAP partners. The solution helps you to streamline processes, act on information quickly and drive growth and profitability.

Network Platforms has partnered with SAP partner, Iconisol, to offer SAP Business One on our hosted platform. Our virtual cloud infrastructure provides an enterprise-level platform built on Cisco, HP and VMware and removes the price tag attached to creating and maintaining a costly server infrastructure for your business applications. We specialise in virtual infrastructure and connectivity while Iconisol is a highly regarded SAP partner which focuses exclusively on SAP B1.

With Network Patforms and Iconisol you can harness the expertise of both organisations to create an affordable, flexible and scalable solution which has been personalised to fit your business.


The right technology to grow your small business

Small businesses have big goals. They are about reaching for the dream and making it happen. They are also about:

  • Day-to-day operational details, ad hoc requests, competition and admin
  • Getting through the to do lists
  • Trying to find data across different systems. Often, key pieces of information sit across a variety of systems, applications or physical locations, making it difficult to respond to customers quickly
  • Dealing with disjointed sales, accounting and business processes
  • Finding ways of coping with bottlenecks and loss of productivity

For the SME there has to be a clear and concise view of your business, any time, from anywhere. You need to be able to streamline processes and find better ways of accessing information to make informed business decisions.

This is where SAP B1 can make a difference as big as your dreams and goals. The software can help your organisation see clearly, think clearly and close the gap between strategy and execution.


The right technology to grow your small business

SAP Business One is a single solution for an entire organisation. It has a long list of useful benefits which you can capture and use to your advantage, improving operational efficiency and integrating business systems.

In conjunction with Network Platforms and Iconisol, SAP B1 can help you to:

  • Proactively grow your business by streamlining operations and limiting the need to react to day-to-day details
  • Respond quickly to customer needs by instantly accessing information needed to make business decisions
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and errors through a single, integrated solution
  • Form closer customer relationships in-house or in the cloud
  • Craft platforms which best meet your needs across SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Lower technology costs and time to value with a quickly implemented and easily maintained solution
  • Cut the barrier to entry with minimal training and a system designed to be easy to use

Get in touch with one of our SAP Business One experts and let us show you how.

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