Why Resellers are choosing Network Platforms

Network Platforms is an Internet service provider, aimed at delivering intelligent solutions tailored to suit the needs of the modern business.

Unlike most Internet service providers, Network Platforms doesn’t compete with resellers selling FTTH/ xDSL and delivers comprehensive and personalised connectivity solutions to their clients.

Network Platforms has become the partner of choice for resellers due to all the advantages they offer, including increasing business for its resellers by allocating marking funds and redirecting business to resellers.

Other reasons that Resellers are choosing Network Platforms are:

  • With functionality and quality of the infrastructures as one of the best on the market, Network Platforms offers unshaped services for not only capped but uncapped services.
  • Network Platforms has the flexibility to cater for new functionally to provide bespoke solutions on request, whether it be just IPC capacity, radius requirements, or IP transit.
  • Network Platforms will deliver a solution as you require, so you are not required to take the full solution if you only require one element of the solution.
  • Network Platforms can also route traffic to your infrastructure via their IPC, so as an example if you are a voice over IP provider they can route data to your network so clients only have access to your infrastructure.

With Network Platforms’ FTTH/xDSL software portal, resellers receive the opportunity to manage client accounts without outside assistance.

It also allows resellers the advantage to create a user account which can immediately be configured on your client’s router.

The software has an admin and client facing portal, which along with notifications to your clients, are completely rebranded with your corporate identity.

The admin portal allows you to manage the entire interface, including bandwidth carry-over, daily and monthly usage notifications, account suspensions auto top-up, ping and so forth.

With five data centres, the infrastructure utilises several fibre connections, giving you complete local and international redundancy and improved performance.

Network Platforms routes through SAT-3, WACS, Seacom, SAFE and EASSy and peer at NAP Africa, JINX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX and the London internet exchange.

The Network Platforms Radius functionality has DNS on authentication – as an account authenticates it updates the host name associated with the account.

This is a powerful tool for remote management and monitoring, virtual private networks and internally hosted services.

The solution includes a number lock-down, an IP address allocated detail and displays the phone numbers/circuit connected and historical numbers used to connect to the account.

So, there won’t be any piggy-backers on your client’s connectivity.

Additional features of the Radius include:

  • Custom DNS for clients who prefer not to use the built-in DNS
  • A reseller platform which can be rebranded and customised
  • A top-up page always available, even when you are capped
  • A payment gateway for top-ups for those with merchant accounts
  • Daily usage reports and monthly reports via email
  • Full reporting functionality
  • Auto top-up capability
  • SMS and email notifications for usage

Billing is based on usage and not on an account basis.

Additional products Network Platforms offers include Enterprise Virtual Servers, Cloud Backup, DRaaS, VoIP, FTTB, Licensed Microwave, IP Transit, Remote peering to NAP, LINX, AMS-IX or DE-CIX, and Infrastructure Monitoring.

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