Teraco move signals new growth phase for Network Platforms

National IT solutions provider, Network Platforms, has completed the move of its entire data centre infrastructure from its old environment to its new location, Teraco, in Isando. Teraco offers neutral data centres and colocation facilities throughout the country. The environment provides comprehensive services to govern telecommunications, cloud or hosting requirements.

The company has reinforced its offering to market and the value of its expertise and product.

As an example, Network Platforms has utilised the strength of this connectivity and centralised infrastructure within the Teraco environment to secure a substantial reduction in cost and reliability – and being able to deliver customised solutions at very short notice.

“This is because we have control of our infrastructure. Our primary objective was to connect to international and local carriers. We had to do this before we could start delivering other services. We had a choice of providers because all the carriers have a presence in Teraco. So, once pricing and contracts were agreed upon, we were able to roll out our full complement of services,” says Bradley Love, MD of Network Platforms.

“In the old environment, we were reliant on the connectivity supplied by the data centre. As Teraco is a natural vendor data centre, we have been able to build our infrastructure with the required connectivity redundancies,” explains Love.

“We have multiple local and international connectivity routes and all uncontended. So if one route goes down, we have the same capacities on international and local on the alternatives,” he adds.

Network Platforms has SAT3 and Seacom International connectivity and the intention is to implement across all international carriers.

From its base in Teraco, Network Platforms offers several services including colocation, local and international connectivity, ADSL, static IP ADSL solutions hosting and various cloud services.

It also offers hosted exchange, off-site backups, hosted PBX, virtual hosting, disaster recovery, SharePoint and Lync.

Love continues with an emphasis of another major advantage to this infrastructure move; that being connected with other ISPs that form part of the NAP Africa peering community.

NAP Africa is a neutral, layer 2 IX (Internet eXchange) point located in each Teraco data centre facility.

The ability to peer to exchange high volumes of traffic ensures a reduction of costs of local bandwidth, reduction of latency and improved performance by avoiding traffic bottlenecks.


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