Voice for Call Centres

No connectivity means no income if you’re running a call centre. The ability to make and receive calls is everything. All call centers, whether small or large-scale, should have an effective and efficient phone system.

Here are some of the ways PBX systems benefit Call Centers specifically

  1. Cost savings – a virtual PBX requires little or no infrastructure as it uses the Internet to deliver connectivity. Virtual systems are more cost-effective and easier to maintain compared to maintaining in-house legacy technology.
  2. Scalability – a virtual solution means your telecommunications requirements can grow with your business.
  3. Traceability – a PBX allows you to track call data, which can help with billing and budget allocation.
  4. Other benefits include reliability and redundancy, automatic upgrades and superior voice quality.

Never Miss a Call – Advanced Contact Center Reporting

Advanced Call reporting

Monitor call queues in real-time and ensure nobody is missing that important inbound call.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Detailed reports of longest wait time and abandoned calls
  • Statistics on SLA and Callback
  • Call Back option for customers not willing to wait

Advanced Queue Strategies and Real-Time Statistics

Real-Time Statistics

Monitor how long customers are kept waiting and the time agents spend on a call.

  • Monitor user activity and extension statistics reports
  • Check average talk time and call distribution
  • Queue answered calls by wait time
  • Take note of SLA and callback statistics

Track Agent Performance

Track Agent Performance

Track your call center’s performance and reduce unnecessary customer loss.

  • Listen in to hear important calls without your agent’s knowledge
  • Use the whisper function to train new agents during a live call
  • Barge in and take control of a call when agents get it wrong
  • Live chat and talk with your website visitors

Tailored to Outbound or Inbound Call Centre Needs

Voice Solutions for Call Centres

When it comes to virtual call center software, there is a big difference between outbound and inbound contact centers. We offer tailored solutions to suit your call center needs and priorities.

  • An automatic call distributor to assign calls to agents as they come in
  • Predictive Dialer is ideal for Outbound call centres and debt collection companies
  • Outbound IVR for marketing, political campaigning, and market research using pre-recorded or synthesised voices.
  • Voicemail detection to either hang-up or leave a message
  • Phone Survey to poll customers
  • Voice Broadcasting to send SMS messages with interactive responses using the phone keypad.
  • DNC (Do not call) Lists for contacts who do not want to be called.

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