Network Platforms is one of the leading providers of satellite communications to the African continent with an extensive range of high quality products and a dynamic portfolio of expertise and services. Our prices are competitive and our customer care is exceptional.

For organisations without cable, fibre or wireless infrastructure in remote locations, both rural and urban, the Network Platforms satellite solution is the perfect solution. Our service is asynchronous which results in a differential between both upload and download speeds. Upload speeds start at 256kbps up to 3Mbps and download speeds vary from 1MB to 10MB – these are dependent on the package you select and your specific requirements.

The Network Platforms satellite offering includes voice and data services, if required, and costs can be structured to suit budget and plans. Installation is either paid upfront as a once-off or structured into the contract.

Our monitoring service is part of our service and designed to ensure that any issues are immediately communicated and resolved. You gain access to our specialised graphic interface and can use this to gain a quick overview of the capacity you are using at any one time. This ensures you are fully informed of all usage parameters and capacities at all times.

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