Remote NAP Africa Ports

In addition to Network Platforms’ peering at NAPAfrica, JINX, DINX, CINX, LINX, AMS-IX and DE-CIX we offer our clients the option of remote peering to any of these peering exchanges without having to invest in infrastructure costs in these locations.

Network Platforms leverages the power of peering to assure our clients of swifter access to international content and capacity. We have an exceptional relationship with NAP Africa, Africa’s largest content distribution hub which plugs into more than 30 network providers. NAP Africa has a steadily growing ecosystem of content companies and delivery services accessing one another via one direct connection and has become Africa’s fastest growing peering and traffic exchange as a result. Clients are required to have their own AS in order for us to deliver this service.

Should you wish to access all these benefits with seamless connectivity, then we can offer you a remote peering option which ticks all the boxes without any of the hassle. For a complete explanation of the process and what you need to make the peering possible, contact us.

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