Remote AMS-IX Ports

In addition to Network Platforms’ peering at NAPAfrica, JINX, DINX, CINX, LINX, AMS-IX and DE-CIX we offer our clients the option of remote peering to any of these peering exchanges without having to invest in infrastructure costs in these locations.

Network Platforms has implemented a protected Layer 2 service to AMS-IX via SAT3WACS and EASSy. This assures you of complete redundancy alongside seamless connectivity and capability. In addition, our peering with AMS-IX increases performance quality and improves latency which translates to superb experiences for your business and your connectivity.

There are numerous benefits associated with connecting to AMS-IX, including the ability to deliver high quality services within a tightly defined service level. This allows us to pass the value and competency on to you, the client, so you are assured of high-quality connectivity for your business.

Should you wish to take advantage of the Network Platforms AMS-IX connectivity experience, just contact us and we will make it possible.

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