POPI Device Encryption

A solution that allows for encryption of on device data and auditing of data ensuring yours and your clients documents remain confidential.

The South African Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 (POPI) focuses on how organisations store, protect and secure private customer information.

The act requires that organisations which collect personal data about their customers adhere to specific criteria and regulations.

These include:

  • The purpose for which data is collected must be clearly defined
  • All individuals whose data is collected by the organisation must be informed of this purpose
  • The information must be complete, accurate and up to date
  • The data has to be stored securely to prevent unauthorised access
  • If any information which is stored or collected by an organisation is stolen or compromised in any way, then they must inform the Information Regulator immediately

Organisations which do not comply with the legislation as laid out in POPI face severe consequences such as reputation and client loss, Civil Class Action suites, a fine up to R10 million or a 10 year jail sentence.


Your organisation must ensure that all personal information gathered and processed is secure and protected. POPI covers the protection of private data across all types of devices, from the PC to the corporate network to a USB drive, and each and every element must comply with stringent security requirements.


  • Focus on securing all devices which have account numbers on them
  • POPI permits the use of cloud services to store data which allows for a wealth of solutions to be implemented for richer security and backup
  • Cloud security systems keep information off devices and in the cloud, only accessible by the right people
  • Encrypt all company and employee-owned devices as a standard technical and security measure
  • Inform the Regulator the moment any device is compromised or lost


Network Platforms can provide you with a robust and secure solution which will tick all your POPI boxes and assure you of complete compliance. NPSecure ensures your business keeps its personal information out of the wrong hands and within the strictures of POPI.

NPSecure enables you to:

  • Protect and safeguard personal information your organisation retains
  • Comply with POPI law
  • Protect data on mobile devices including laptops, mobile phones, tablets and USB drives
  • Encrypt data or devices remotely
  • Monitor devices and quarantine or delete data as necessary to keep it from being exposed
  • Provide the technical controls required for compliance through auditing and reporting

NPSecure provides your organisation with the following benefits:

  • No need to notify the Regulator or data subjects in the event of data loss. Unauthorised access is unlikely.
  • NPSecure stores very little data, only that which relates to the performance of a service or contract.
  • Actual data files are not stored within the NPSecure cloud-based accounts
  • It is approved by POPI regulators
  • It is cloud based which makes it easy to use, flexible and affordable
  • It has a low impact on user and device
  • The product is easy to use and requires minimal administration
  • Legal problems and disputes are mitigated
  • People are protected thanks to the security surrounding their personal information
  • You can leverage existing native technology such as Bitlocker for additional security and return on investment


NPSecure can be used on PCs and Macs and managed from a central console. The tool can be used to instantly remove user access to data, can restore deleted data and can enforce password and security policies remotely. The solution allows for complete control over data – its access, security, storage and availability – from one universal console.


NPSecure can also be implemented across smartphones, USB drives, memory sticks and tablets. The solution delivers encryptions, application management, password protection, device tracking and data elimination across all mobile devices. It is also accessible from a universal console which can manage data access and control from one specific location.

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