Onsite and Remote Support

In every business model, IT support services are vital as they do tasks that range from simple computer-related issues to company-specific software. Businesses can choose to either have an on-site IT support service or a remote one.

Our all-inclusive managed onsite and remote IT support services are completely bespoke. Network Platforms can provide a fixed budget style of coverage or a flexible number of support hours. Our onsite and remote IT support contracts are designed to suit our customer’s needs.

An important factor before you decide whether to go for an onsite or remote IT support is your business type.

Small-to-medium enterprises usually suit a remote IT support service. With a small team, this allows them to focus on their core processes and leave the IT issues to the remote team.

Larger businesses are usually suited to an onsite IT support service because of the budget and infrastructure they already have in place.

Onsite & Remote Support Benefits:

  • Receive real-time solutions
  • Resolve issues as they occur
  • Improve root cause analysis
  • Enjoy fast response times
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Save time & costs


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