Licenced wireless

Network Platforms has a robust, reliable and remarkable Licensed Microwave solution which can be up and running for your business in only a few weeks with exceptional coverage and efficiencies. With this solution, you are assured of connectivity 24/7, especially if it is used as a redundancy link which can step up if the fibre or traditional copper links go down. Our Licensed Microwave wireless is a professional, enterprise-level solution for organisations waiting on the installation of their FTTB connection as it assures them of powerful connectivity without delays.

Microwave is a licensed wireless solution and it has the same advantages of optical fibre with exceptional upload and download speeds. It is an ideal service for organisations which are not serviced by either fibre or traditional copper cables and which require superior, always-on connectivity. It is also a reliable option for those who regularly experience copper cable theft and unreliable connectivity. It is a robust redundancy plan – if the primary link goes down, whether fibre or traditional copper, the Microwave failover will kick in without delay while engineers investigate the issue. The business remains connected while problems are quickly resolved.

Network Platforms offers the highest quality traffic because we harness the capabilities of the two international cable systems – WACS and EASSY- as well as multiple local routes for effortless and speedy connectivity.

We also provide monitoring as a standard service so if there is an issue, we are notified immediately. In addition, we deliver internet bandwidth utilisation monitoring services which can be tailored to map back to each user or application. This then allows us to identify what, or who, is accessing bandwidth and gain deeper insight into issues or usage parameters. Controls are implemented to ensure your business critical applications receive preference and you can access this interface whenever you require.

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