Fiber to the business

Network Platforms offers superior quality fibre solutions to the South African organisation. Our offerings are uncapped, uncontended and unbeatable. We provide our clients with dynamic high-speed connectivity and substantial bandwidth so their WANs (wide area networks) are efficient and capable. The fibre optic connection speeds start at 4Mb per second and can achieve speeds of up to 10Gb per second, lightning fast in both upload and download and perfect for the modern business.

FTTB has impressive advantages over existing copper-wire internet connections including less speed degradation over distance, improved upload and download speeds, improved performance for high-demand applications and superb connectivity. Fibre connectivity is also scalable so we are able to upgrade any client’s capacity on short notice, whenever they need it. There is no need to install or implement new technology either – it’s swift, seamless and secure.

Network Platforms offers the highest quality traffic on the market today. We harness the capabilities of the two international cable systems – WACS and EASSY – as well as multiple local routes for effortless and speedy connectivity.

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Once a client has selected the FTTB option, installation can take a few months due to administrative processes and the level of fibre infrastructure in the area. To assist customers while they wait, Network Platforms provides a Licensed Microwave solution which is easily implemented and managed. Clients can benefit from exceptional speed and connectivity without delay and, once the fibre has been installed, we then make FTTB the primary connection with the Licensed Microwave link as a failover.

This failover link is automatically activated in the event of a failure and Network Platforms offers monitoring as a standard service so if there is an issue, we are notified immediately. We also provide internet bandwidth utilisation monitoring services which can be tailored to map back to each user or application. This then allows us to identify what, or who, is accessing bandwidth and gain deeper insight into issues or usage parameters. Controls are implemented to ensure your business critical applications receive preference and you can access this interface when required.

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