Enterprise virtual servers

Network Platforms provides virtual servers delivered on our enterprise grade managed platform. A virtual server is a virtual private server hosted in one of our datacentres that includes management and support to an operating system level with unlimited internet traffic.

The service includes resource monitoring, to which we provide you access via a web browser so you can view resource utilisation in real time. Virtual servers are a cost-effective way to deploy and operate a server for any purpose. The service boasts complete flexibility to scale capacity up and down when needed.

We have partnered with VMware and our virtual environment is hosted on a number of servers, multiple SAN’s and a 10Gbps switching fabric.

Our features include:

  • Enterprise infrastructure and redundancies
  • Unmetered and uncontended bandwidth
  • Ability to monitor server resources and set notification threshold alerts
  • Access to bandwidth utilisation via our monitoring system
  • Ability to scale infrastructure on the fly
  • No capital expenditure outlay
  • Less internal support
  • Support for multiple operating system (various Linux flavours, latest Windows server and cloud hosted routers)
  • High performance SSD’s
  • Multiple geographic locations – Choice of local and UK.
  • Patch management

Our optional services include:

  • Disaster recovery – live replication (virtual to virtual, physical to virtual)
  • Cloud backup
  • Firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS)
  • AD management
  • SQL clustering and management
  • Remote desktop access
  • Azure
  • AWS

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