Employee Monitoring Software

Monitoring Your Workforce

Sure, employee monitoring tools can track how much time your staff uses Facebook, but they’re also a valuable way to reconcile matched hours to your billed projects and other scheduling tasks. Employee monitoring goes beyond the core time tracking functionality of tracking clock-ins and clock–outs or managing schedules and workloads. A key focus of these products is maximising worker productivity. These products are designed to ensure that businesses are getting the productivity they expect out of employees. Employee Monitoring software also help enforce data security policies and protocols.

Pros and Cons of using this software

We use industry-leading software for employee monitoring, data loss prevention, insider threat detection, workplace productivity, and user behaviour analytics.


  • Intuitive admin dashboard.
  • Smooth user experience.
  • Full automation layer, including anomaly detection.
  • Tracks keystrokes.
  • Provides OCR on-screen recordings.
  • Privacy compliance and access control.
  • Option to switch from stealth to revealed mode.
  • Multiple deployment options including cloud and hosted environments.


  • In-depth monitoring features can be complicated.

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