Email Archiving

If your business requirement is to keep a copy of all email we can offer solutions to achieve this for either onsite email servers as well as Office 365 mailboxes.

At Network Platforms we know exactly how valuable your mail archive is to your business. It is a vast repository of business intelligence which can be used to improve client collaboration, manage overall productivity and create invaluable reports. Your mail archive has enormous potential and we have the solutions you need to store it, use it and manage it, perfectly.

Currently Network Platforms has two highly focused and customisable solutions:


Mimecast is a powerful email management platform which transforms Office 365 and Exchange into a more unified and cohesive solution. It ensures emails are always available on demand, is compliant with the latest in regulatory requirements and has the latest security. Mimecast includes numerous capabilities beyond mail archiving and you can find out more here


NPArchive is an incredibly efficient and capable email and messaging solution with a variety of useful functionalities for the organisation. It can manage your electronic communication history across email, files, calendars and voice, to name a few, it can automatically archive mail for more seamless performance and storage capability, it enables file collaboration, compliance, advanced search and more. In addition, NPArchive can be accessed from anywhere at any time, making it a truly dynamic cloud solution for any organisation in need of rich functionality within a streamlined interface.

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