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Keep Software Up to Date Across Multiple Client Sites

Keeping software current is crucial for businesses today. Beyond simply updating features and fixing bugs, security patches are essential to help protect your clients from cyber attacks. Yet, keeping operating systems and applications up to date across large-scale networks for multiple customers can be a challenge, especially if you still rely on a simple patch tool.

Enter Patch Manager in SolarWinds® MSP N-central®. Patch Manager allows you to get full control when updating hundreds (or even thousands) of endpoints across multiple client sites. You can configure rules to automatically approve or deny certain types of patches so you don’t have to lift a finger when a new update comes out. Additionally, the system has been designed to keep resource drain to a minimum and includes the ability to schedule patch deployments, reducing interruptions to your end users’ workdays. With Patch Manager, you can proactively help to keep your customers secure regardless of their environments' size or complexity.


Get Flexible, Powerful Patch Management

  • Automated rollout: Create rules to automate the process for certain classes of patches. For example, you can set the system to automatically approve and push all critical security updates from Microsoft to selected groups of workstations.
  • Detailed manual rollout: Deploy patches with just a few clicks. You can install updates across your entire customer base or go low-level to manually patch individual devices, groups of devices, or specific client sites.
  • Scheduling: Set patch content pre-downloads, patch installation, and system restarts to occur during specific maintenance windows, helping to prevent service interruptions for end users.
  • No server required: Patch Manager simply requires an N-central agent to be installed on the target device. No need to purchase additional hardware to handle patching.


Maximize Efficiency

  • Single pane of glass: Manage patching for complex environments across multiple sites. This can all be configured and managed from a single, unified console.
  • System patches: Configure the automatic release of Microsoft Windows system updates, including critical security patches.
  • Third-party support: Deploy patches for multiple third-party application families, including Adobe products, Java, and multiple browsers and tools.
  • Patch on- or off-site: Patch machines wherever they are, to help prevent customers from missing critical security updates, even if they’re working from home.
  • Reporting: View complete reports to health-check your patch status across customer sites.

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