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Network Platforms offers wholesale connectivity at extremely competitive rates. We supply these services to wireless internet service providers along with a number of other internet service providers across Africa. Our system is structured in such a way as to use the combined purchasing power of all participants so as to deliver a low-cost solution in a very competitive market.

Network Platforms harnesses the capabilities of the three international cable systems – SAT3, WACS and EASSY - as well as multiple local routes for effortless and speedy connectivity as well as the highest quality of traffic for our clients.

We also offer monitoring as a standard service so if there are any issues, we are notified immediately. In addition, our customers automatically gain access to the graphic interface which offers a quick overview of the capacity they are using. It ensures you are fully informed of usage and capacities at all times and when you need it the most.

Should you wish to find out more about how we can develop a wholesale connectivity solution for your business, please contact us.