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Network Platforms is a professional provider of personalised connectivity solutions. We have peering points at NAPAfrica, JINX, CINX, LINX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and DINX. We also have five datacentre environments throughout South Africa in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Centurion, Durban as well as one in London. Our rates between the datacentres at Teraco and Hetzner are very competitive and we have a protected service of dual fibre routes for redundancy.

Our international connectivity is through un-contended international route with Multiprotocol Label Switching for higher performance and impressive capability. We also have monitoring included by default on all our FTTB, FTTH, IP Transit, National Transit, Layer 2, remote NAP Africa and licensed microwave solutions.  For resellers and wholesale we have developed a market-leading, competitively priced model, for more information  contact us here.

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