The Rising Threat of Ransomware Part 3 of 3: Is Your Business at Risk?

With an attack every 39 seconds, and an increase of over 300% since the start of Covid-19, it’s clear that cybercrime is on the rise globally, with one type, in particular, growing in popularity: ransomware.

It’s a simple process: a user unknowingly downloads software from an unsafe website or email attachment, and it restricts access to the device until a ransom is paid. What makes ransomware so dangerous is that any infected device can spread the software to shut down an entire network and hold it hostage.

Resolving a ransomware attack is expensive and time-consuming, and the days spent deciding whether or not to pay, recovering your files and trying to ensure the software isn’t hiding in your network all derail your operations. And if word gets out, the reputational damage can be impossible to recover from.

As is so often the case, prevention is better than cure when it comes to ransomware.


Protecting your network against ransomware calls for an integrated, end-to-end approach that covers everything from backup to your devices.

Firstly, you need both end-point and ransomware protection that is installed on the devices – like laptops, tablets and desktops – that are in your network.  These detect any suspect software and stop it from being installed, and are constantly being updated to keep up with evolving threats.

A second way to help your team to avoid inadvertently visiting a site or following a link that contains ransomware is to install a powerful Firewall, which filters traffic across your network and decides whether a site is safe or not.

As a last resort, you also need a cloud-based backup solution so that if the worst happens and your network is attacked, you have a secure backup that isn’t part of the vulnerable network.

This approach – which protects devices, limits the flow of traffic and ensures you have a safe backup – coupled with employee training to stop your employees from opening anything suspicious, is essential.

Thankfully, you don’t need an assortment of expensive software from a wide mix of suppliers to get this level of protection. All you need is Network Platforms.


Network Platforms has developed a solution that applies industry-leading protection at every level of your organisation to ensure that you can protect yourself rather than running the risk of paying for a ransomware attack.

At the heart of our approach is a top-rated malware detection engine that uses deep learning to recognise changing traffic and behaviour patterns, pinpointing both new ransomware and existing system vulnerabilities with increasing speed and efficiency.

This detection system is linked to our Firewall, which integrates with the ransomware engine to not only identify high-risk behaviour and suspicious traffic to prevent attacks but also gives you the power to isolate an at-risk device to stop ransomware from spreading – even across SD-Wan networks. This security-driven approach also extends to our cloud-based backup solution, which reduces network vulnerability and gives you the peace of mind that comes with off-site disaster recovery.


As the risk of ransomware rises, and remote work increases, protecting your team and business from ransomware has never been more important. Speak to us about about the best ransomware solution for your business.

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