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Network Platforms opened its doors in 2003 and our vision is to provide clients with premium services and solutions. Our bandwidth and core infrastructures are developed with comprehensive redundancy and we deliver the highest quality bandwidth and services with no disruption to your business. If you are looking for seamless, always-on, superior quality bandwidth and services, you have come to the right place.

We have created our own enterprise level infrastructures - we do not resell other ISP infrastructure - and we specialise in business services. Network Platforms delivers professional, comprehensive and personalised connectivity solutions. Intelligent and tailored, our services are efficient and of the highest quality. We can transform your connectivity and your business the way you want.

Network Platforms also provides resellers with the ability to resell and white label our services with the same guarantees of personalised professionalism.

Our goal is to give you the information and communication technology (ICT) solutions you need to drive your business. Our proactive attitude ensures well-managed systems, professional infrastructure development and market-leading connectivity and cloud services throughout South Africa.

For speed, access and connectivity capability find out how we can give you what you need for your business by giving us a call.

Secure and available

An unreliable and inefficient internet service solution impacts the bottom line. It’s a fact. It is also one you can get around with Network Platforms. We are all about service. With our systems and solutions you get the right tools to manage the demands of your growing organisation. Our focus is on keeping your IT systems operational, your connectivity superb and your costs down so your focus can be on your customers.

We help you to realise the productivity gains and return on investment you expect from your technology investments. And all at superb speeds with impressive features.

Proactive connectivity

Want to tap into the cloud? We’ve got you covered. Our quality enterprise-level products and solutions ensure comprehensive cloud and connectivity capability. From cloud back-up to Disaster Recovery as a Service to Infrastructure as a Service and Voice Over IP, we have the boxes for your business to tick so you can stay competitive in the modern market.

Our proactive approach means you get reliable service when you need it, sometimes even before you knew you did. We also provide advice and insight into which solutions best suit your business and we customise them to fit. Our small size and complete focus mean you get personalised care and a number of value-added extras, such as managed services and cost-cutting special offers.
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Guaranteed service

It goes without saying that you expect really good service. Fortunately great service is what you can expect from Network Platforms. It’s easy to say it, but we can prove it. Our customers are given 24/7 support and we constantly monitor your systems and our service level agreements (SLAs). Clients on our SLAs get quick support, efficient management and regular status updates. Our SLAs are comprehensive and hold us accountable to the standards which you would like to expect.
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Made in South Africa

No matter where you are based in South Africa, Network Platforms can provide you with professional and customised service. We have offices in both Gauteng and the Western Cape with core teams of IT professionals on hand to craft a solution which is a perfect fit for your organisation. We also continuously invest in skills training and the latest innovation so every drop of technology is harnesses the capabilities of leading solutions and address issues which are relevant to you.