Flexible Wholesale IP Transit Solutions

Bespoke IP transit solutions designed to meet the requirements of SA’s ISP’s

We want ISPs to experience seamless service, ultra-reliable connectivity and better performance.

Using the best available routes, Network Platforms has built impressive connectivity pathways that connect directly to Africa and internationally and our world-class infrastructure is backed by industry-leading service.

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Network Platforms wholesale IP Transit service

Our tier 1 providers, PCCW Global and Liquid, deliver connectivity between Africa and the East via the SAFE cable network. As a result of our strategic partner selection, we’re able to capitalise on their strengths and route traffic as efficiently as possible into Africa, the Far East, and Australia.

We have two points of presence (POP) in London to provide clients with exceptional uptime, connectivity and network capability.

  • Harbour Exchange
  • Telehouse North

Benefits of IP transit with Network Platforms

  • Direct transit paths
  • Optimised for best latency through tier 1 connections
  • Reliable customer service
  • Greater reliability
  • Greater prediction of routing
  • There are no third parties involved

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