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Network Platforms has cost-effective, integrated and advanced IP PBX and VoIP communication services offerings. They can be customised to suit your business, tailored to match your budget and will transform the way in which you communicate with customers, stakeholders and employees.

In light of how telecommunication costs are on the rise, our solutions can save up to 35% less on local landline and mobile phone calls, and up to 60% less on international calls. With the Network Platforms we provide a number of different solutions when it comes to voice applications with a variety of aspects and organisation-specific benefits. Our solutions include:


Utilising current PABX Solution

VoIP can be integrated into your existing PABX through a voice gateway which is implemented between the internet and your PABX system. There is no need for the installation of an IP PBX and, if you are happy with the performance and the existing PABX is delivering to standard, then this is a highly cost-effective solution.


IP PBX on premise and Cloud IP PBX

If your legacy PABX system is not functioning as required or your business needs deeper functionality, then an IP PBX delivers a truly powerful solution. There are two options available through Network Platforms:

  1. 1. On Premise IP PBX
  2. 2. Hosted IP PBX

Both these options provide you with the same levels of functionality, but the on-premise solution comes with a CAPEX cost and will require that hosting take place on your premises and use your office space. The hosted solution, however, is cloud based and hosted in a datacentre which mitigates installation costs and places the onus of management on the service provider – Network Platforms.

Costs associated with an IP PBX solution include the cost of shifting on premise or into the cloud along with IP phones and power over Ethernet switches.



For the home user or small to medium enterprise which does not require full PABX functionality, but wants to save on call costs, the SIP solution is the ideal choice. You will require an IP phone, software client or a router with voice ports in order to use a SIP account, and you will need Network Platforms to make the shift seamless and scalable.

For more information about voice over IP for your business, contact us.

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