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At Network Platforms we provide our clients with specialised and extensive IT infrastructure monitoring services. These include Connectivity Monitoring, Internet Traffic Monitoring and Performance Monitoring.

Thanks to our rapid and proactive response times, our clients are assured instant insight into issues around loss of connectivity and, as a result, experience improved productivity and hardware performance and company-wide IT policy enforcement.


Exceptional IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Connectivity Monitoring:

  • Constant monitoring of your internet connectivity
  • Instant notification of a dropped connection
  • Instant implementation of your Network Platforms redundancy programme (if selected)
  • Proactively implemented failovers ensure little to no downtime (if selected) if the primary connection drops

Internet Traffic Monitoring:

  • Assessment of employee internet usage to advice on bandwidth requirements and effective internet usage policies
  • The ability to block specific traffic or websites on request
  • You can manage and restrict employee internet activity and thereby increase productivity
  • You can ensure internet bandwidth is being used for business purposes only
  • You gain a clearer understanding of how employee internet usage impacts organisation-wide productivity levels

Performance Monitoring:

  • Constant monitoring of overall IT infrastructure performance
  • We monitor available disk space and server performance to ensure they are operating at peak
  • Control patch management and the enforcement of policy management
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